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Perfect employees? Yay for you. No? Keep reading.

At The Mettle Foundry, we offer professional development programs that matter for all workers. We’ll help uncover the hidden flaws that are holding your team back and create a plan to hone the skills needed to take your group to the next level.

Would you expect someone straight out of med school to perform a heart transplant? Probably not. Education, smarts, and drive will get you far, but even great employees need some help learning how to lead.

But, wait: couldn’t you just gather the team in your conference room and run your own professional development program? Not if you want the program to truly work. We’ve found that individuals and teams do better offsite with trained facilitators. A fresh environment tends to put everyone on equal footing; it helps them focus more on the work than they might in the same old conference room.

Another perk of The Mettle Foundry? Having a good time while doing challenging work to refine your existing skill sets. Although you might think “professional development program” sounds dry, rest assured our programs are fun. Yes, really. Life is short, and work is stressful enough. We believe that fun and learning can happen simultaneously.

The Mettle Foundry

Our Professional Development Programs

Perfect for any stage of your career.

The Forge

The Forge is our take on an escape room. You and your team must solve a series of interlocking puzzles to abort a missile launch. There is only an hour left before total destruction. Find all five keys hidden in the room before time expires! We combine the fun of solving puzzles with learning about your work team’s particular dynamics. Come join us in The Forge!

The Forge experience includes:

  1. Pre-event call with team leader to understand team business challenges
  2. Team participation in solving multiple individual and team challenges to “save the world from destruction” in The Forge
  3. Observation by up to two trained behaviorists
  4. Team Summary Report
  5. Forge Fast Feedback: an individual skills snapshot with a code to unlock skill-building ideas
  6. Team debrief on The Forge experience
  7. Skill-building workshop on the most prevalent team need in The Forge (Planning Under Pressure, Communicating for Success, etc.)
  8. Discounts to local restaurants for pre-or post-Forge lunch
The Mettle Foundry
The Mettle Foundry

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Intern Bootcamp

The Mettle Foundry Intern Bootcamp prepares you for success in your first professional setting. Students learn tips and behaviors they won’t learn from school and don’t learn on the job.

The Intern Bootcamp includes: 

  • A week of real-world experience, on-site and working virtually
  • Practical experience like setting up conference calls, the etiquette of sharing a microwave, and creating business presentations
  • Constant, specific performance feedback
  • Practice interviewing
  • Resume review
  • And more


Customized Team Development Sessions

If your team wants laser focus on a specific topic, such as team dynamics, setting vision and values, or internal conflict management, we will do that, too. The customizable options we offer are almost endless.

After a brief discovery discussion, your session will be crafted to meet your team’s needs, expose and remediate pain points, and help your team overcome the struggles it is facing.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Call us.
We’ll mold our professional development programs to your unique needs.

Maybe you’re an executive whose work groups aren’t actually teams, a new manager who’s unsure how to nurture a team, or a college student who doesn’t know how to break into your chosen field. Perhaps you’re starting over and need to know how to begin a new career. Or, maybe you’re not even certain that a leadership development program can work for you. In any case, we’re ready to help you figure it out.

Our team can diagnose development needs and help you retain your best employees. We can plan a day of fun to help your team bond, filled with purpose, business-related feedback, and action plans. We offer different types of professional programs at a variety of pricing options. Contact us today and let’s get started!