The Mettle Foundry


Sandy and Nicole

The Mettle Foundry is the brainchild of Sandy Fiaschetti and Nicole Lentz, who together have led its parent company, Magnet Consulting, since 2012.

The leadership development program at The Mettle Foundry is inspired and informed by decades of work. In their positions at Magnet Consulting, our founders Sandy and Nicole bring more than 40 years combined experience in business consulting, HR and psychology to helping organizations select and develop their employees. At The Mettle Foundry, we are all taking that work to the next level–and across the parking lot. When you’re done at The Mettle Foundry, stop by Magnet to say hi!

Empower Everyone

The goal of The Mettle Foundry is to empower everyone who asks for help.

The leadership development program at The Mettle Foundry is about more than business success. It is an investment in the communities of Rochester Hills and southeast Michigan. This leadership development program isn’t just for CEOs; our goal is that anyone who needs leadership development can experience some form of one of our programs.

At The Mettle Foundry, we believe that giving back is part of being a successful business. Sometimes this giving takes the form of special community training sessions. Sometimes it takes the form of reserving a portion of our coaching and development hours for the single mom returning to work who needs a little help to get back into the workforce.

If you believe you could benefit from leadership development and don’t have a corporate sponsor to fund it, contact us to explore some possibilities. Leadership development may in fact be possible and not out of reach.